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  • Type: ballon d'aluminium

  • Occasion: mariage, fêtes d'anniversaire, Noël

  • Diamètre: 18 "pouces / 45cm

  • peut être utilisé à plusieurs reprises, pas de noeud supplémentaire, fermeture automatique; azote rechargeable, hydrogène (qui peut être flottant vide). décoration de mariage, fêtes d'anniversaire, fêtes de Noël faisant usage décoré, enfants qui jouent, les récompenses de jeu, etc.

  • Emballage inclus: 1 ballon de coeur

  • Features:
    can be used repeatedly, no extra knot, automatic sealing; rechargeable nitrogen, hydrogen (which can be floating empty).wedding decoration, birthday parties, Christmas Feasts doing decorated use, children playing, the game rewards, etc.

    Special Note
    1. to foil balloon must be inflated slowly, can pump to 90%, and then use a straw to blow, easy to control volume, in order to avoid bursting. If there is a case of two layers of aluminum foil sticky encounter, be sure to stop inflation, gently pull the hand two layers of aluminum foil and then inflated, or easily damaged.
    2, sharp objects / not clean ground / direct sunlight and excessive extrusion, are easy to get the ball skin damage, burst.
    3.when the ball of aluminum foil folded to save as much as possible tiling, must not casually crumpled, in addition, to keep dry, water can not rub.
    4. due to thermal expansion and contraction of gas in winter, or the temperature is lowered, should be appropriate to the foil balloon qi; summer or when temperatures rise, should be appropriate to the foil balloons deflated to avoid bursting. When to foil balloons deflated to avoid bursting. General helium / hydrogen can only float after 6-14 hours, so helium, hydrogen must be filled in using the day (pay attention to safety)!

    Colors: Blue; Red; Gold; Purple; Green; Pink
    Occasion:Wedding , Birthday Parties, Christmas
    Type: Foil Balloon
    Shape: Heart
    Diameter :18"inches/45cm

    Package Included: 1Heart Balloon


    8 Pouces Ballon coloré Coeur Ballons Saint Valentin Ballons décorations de fête de fiançailles Mariage Anniversaire Amour Ballons en Aluminium - B07J4QNSFG

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